Understanding Domain Name Expiry and Display of a Parking Page

Understanding Domain Name Expiry and Display of a Parking Page

Whenever a particular domain name is not Renewed till the Expiry Date, it would slip into the Renewal Grace Period. All such domain names would be put on a temporary commercial Parking Page, which would indicate that the domain name has expired. During this period, any website and mails associated with the domain name would stop working.

If the grace period passes and you wish to retain the domain there will be a $75.00 reinstatement fee. During this time, the domain will not be accessible so any web site or email services associated with it will stop working.

Renewal Grace Period of Domains

TLD (Domain Name Extension)Renewal Grace Period (Days)
.ASIA 40
.AU 32
.BIZ 36
.BZ 40
.CA 40
.CC 36
.CN 40
.CO 40
.COM 36
.DE 0
.ES 9
.EU 0 OR 27
.IN 36
.IN.NET 36
.INFO 36
.JOBS 36
.ME 36
.MN 40
.MOBI 36
.NAME 40
.NET 36
.NL 0
.NZ 4
.ORG 36
.PRO 36
.PW 36
.RU 30
.SC 40
.SX 40
.TEL 40
.TV 36
.UK 90
.US 36
.VC 40
.WEB.IN 30
.WS 36
.XXX 40
CentralNic Domains 1 36
Donuts Domains 2 40
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