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Before initiating the domain transfer, please check the following:

1. Customer MUST have access to the administrative email contact address via the WHOIS. (This is where the domain transfer verification email is sent, and it MUST be answered to approve the transfer.

2. WHOIS protection must be turned off. (WHOIS protection would hide the administrative email contact.)

3. Confirm the domain is older than 60 days old, as domains less than 60 days old cannot be transferred. (Domains transferred to another registrar within the last 60 days will also be ineligible for transfer until the end of the 60 day period.)

4. Confirm that the domain is no more than 30 days past the expiration date.
This is important because at around 30 days, domains begin to go into redemption. Once in redemption, the domain MUST be renewed at the previous registrar to be transferable. Domains in redemption can not be transferred.

5. Unlock the domain. The domain must show an Ok status when queried via WHOIS.

6. Update Nameservers prior to transfer This is not required, but it is important to note that you will NOT be able to modify the DNS mid-transfer. You would need to wait until it is either successfully transferred, or fails.

7. Retrieve the EPP Authorization key from the current registrar. (Note that some ITLDs do not require an EPP key)

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