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Sometimes, there are errors with Certificates for the servers. You may experience
something like this:

I receive the following message when trying to log into the server to

update my webpage.

"You have received an invalid certificate. Please contact the server

administrator or email correspondent and give them the following information:


Your certificate contains the same serial number as another certificate

issued by the certificate authority. Please get a new certificate containing

a unique serial number."


or you may experience this


This error occurs if you have saved the certificate for the server to your
local machine.

Below is a guide to help you correct this situation for your standard browsers:

Internet Explorer 6, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, and Mozilla Firefox.


(please note: additional browsers will be added to this list soon)


To Correct for Internet Explorer 6


1. Click Tools

2. Select Internet Options...

3. Select the Content tab.

4. Select the Certificates... button.

5. Select the Trust Root Certification Authorities tab.

6. Where it says Intended purpose: select Client Authentication

7. In the list scroll down to the certificate called 'server.lunarpages.com'
(where server is the name of the server on which your account resides.

8. Highlight it, and Click the Remove... button.

9. Click Yes

10. Click Yes.

11. Click Close.

12. Click OK.


This should do it. Now you can try to access it again, and either install the
new certificate or simply click Yes to accept.


In Netscape, go to Edit, Preferences, Privacy and Security. Double-click on
Privacy and Security. Go to Certificates, Manage Certificates and look under
the tabs for servername.lunarpages.com


In Mozilla, go to Edit, Preferences, Privacy & Security, Certificates,
Manage Certificates, Websites. and look for the cert for your server. It is
may be under the Other People's tab instead depending on your Mozilla version.


In Firefox, it is under Tools, Options, Advanced, Certificates, Manage Certificates.



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