WebzPro allows you to log into cPanel from our Client Area, also called the Client Portal. Go to https://www.webzpro.com/wbill/ click on Client Area. Login with the email address and password you set up at sign up. On this main page scroll down and you can log into cPanel by simply clicking on cPanel next to your domain name.

Changing cPanel Password from the Client Area

From the main page click on My Product & Services, under Products/Services click on View Details next to your domain name. Scroll down a little and under Login Details you can change the cPanel password if you wish. Please note this is for cPanel only and will not affect your login for the Client Area.

Important: If you do change the cPanel password from within cPanel itself and not the Client Area the above feature will no longer work. You can however change the password within the Client Area at anytime and the feature will work once again.


Saturday, June 27, 2009