To All Clients,

Please note this only affects clients using Third Party Software installs such as WordPress, Joomla, shopping carts and so on. Almost 100% of the time SPAM being generated from a clients account is due to the clients failure to maintain and update their third party software.

We are notifying all clients of a policy update to our Terms of Service. We will be enforcing the below changes to the following.

22. Clients Responsibility Third Party Software.

Third Party Software Only:
Client agrees to use only properly licensed third party software in connection with Client's use of our Services. This includes all applications that are considered Third Party Software. Examples - WordPress, Joomla, shopping carts and so on.

1. Clients agree to keep their third party software installs up to date.

2. If the software is up to date and the site is compromised the site will be suspended and will not be put back on-line until 
it is considered safe to do so there will be no charge.

3. If determined by WebzPro that the current install is not up to date, including plugins and themes and the site is compromised in any way the site will be immediately suspended.

Before WebzPro will begin to trouble shoot the issue, clients will be charged as follows. If not paid the account will remain disabled.

1st Offense - $25.00
2nd Offense - $50.00
3rd Offense - $100.00
4th Offense - Permanent removal of the offending site.

Out of date installs discovered by WebzPro during routine scans.

If WebzPro discovers and out of date Third Party Software install, a support ticket will notify the client that the install must be updated.
Clients will be given 48 hours to comply. Failure to update install will result in site suspension and will not be unsuspended until client responds to the support ticket and indicates they are ready to update their Third Party Software install.

Reseller clients of WebzPro - Resellers are 100% responsible for their clients. If a resellers client violates the above policy the reseller will be charged.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

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